Keg hire FAQS

+ Do we fill Corny Kegs?

No! Sorry, we just rent out our own kegs, filled with our own beer.

+ Do we rent out the Hand Pumps by themselves?

No! Sorry, we just rent out the pumps when you buy our kegs!!

+ How do I keep the beer cold?

Your keg will be delivered cold to your door with a bucket (free of charge). All you need to do is place your keg in your serving bucket, pour some ice around the edge and over the top of the keg and your beer will be icy cold for the duration of serving! 
** We recommend getting your keg close to the time of your event/gathering to ensure your keg is as cold as possible for dispensing.


+ Can I keep the keg?

Unfortunately, no, we need it back to fill it up again! The purchase price is for the liquid contents inside the keg.


+ How long can I have the keg?

Ideally, we would like to pick up or have the keg returned within a week however extensions can be arranged. Unreturned equipment may incur a penalty.


+ How many kegs do I need?

Each 50L keg holds 180 Pots (approx 285ML Ea)


+ What about left-overs?

If you don’t manage to get through the contents of the entire keg, that is no problem at all. Just return your keg within the time-frame as usual.


+ How much is delivery?

Delivery is calculated based on your location. The good news is it’s just one flat fee per order so feel free to order more kegs and only pay the one delivery fee!


+ When can my keg be delivered?

Our trucks leave the warehouse every day of the week, Monday-Friday, so where you live will determine what days we can deliver. This is noted by the highlighted days in the calander at the checkout.


+ What time will it be delivered?

We prefer to give the customer a 2-3 hour window when the keg should arrive. Our drivers will phone ahead half an hour before they arrive to let you know they’re coming. If you have specific timing requests, please email beer@2brothers.com.au


+ Do we pick up the empty keg?

If you selected the delivery and pickup service in the checkout one of our team will be back in touch a week after having your keg to arrange pick-up.


+ Can I pick up my full keg?

You’re more than welcome to come to the brewery and pick your keg up. You just need to select the pick-up/drop-off option in the checkout. Pick-up will be the day after you place your order, during the working week. Our team will make sure you have all the gear and will be more than happy to show you how to use the equipment or answer any questions you have. Our address is 4 Joyner St, Moorabbin, Vic, 3189.

**If you select this option, you’re required to return the keg to the brewery within seven days.