// BACH // NZ IPA – 6.5%ABV

Pronounced ‘Batch’ – Our latest IPA creation comes off the back of brewer Chris’s recent trip to a small coastal town called Whangamata where he was stayed in a tiny beach shack …AKA – a batch 🏝.

As brewers and keen beer enthusiasts, one of the most enjoyable things to do on holidays is to try the local produce. In the case of New Zealand it’s always really exciting and intriguing as their variety of hops are completely unique. Common flavours and aromas that you’ll find are blackberry, gooseberry, honey-dew and even a white grape or white wine like character.

Bach is no exception to these traits with a big hit of blackberry and ribeena on the nose & hints of strawberries and cream hiding amongst the underlying grassy pine. Copper in colour with a subtle malt profile. It has a creamy summer berry flavour balanced with a herbaceous bitterness. The subtle malt profile lends to sessionability like no other. Be sure to don your jandals befor cracking one of these.

Double dry hopped with over 30kg of kiwi hops including Motueka and Riwaka with a bit of old faithful Mosaic thrown in!

Dave O’Neil At The BeerHall – Nov 28th

2 Brothers First Ever Comedy Night & it’s Free Entry!

That’s right, Dave O’Neil – A big face in Melbourne comedy and a regular on our TV screens and radio airwaves (Nova) will be headlining 2Brothers first ever comedy night. The night will also feature renowned comedian Johnny Kats as well as Evan Hocking – it’s going to be a big night of comedy & entertainment.

Because the event is free, we recommend getting there early to get a seat.

November 28th – Show starts at 8pm and entry is FREE.


// SPACE Xpa // 5.2% ABV

The greatest & hardest working man in the brewhouse, Tommy, often tells us tales of his brother working for SpaceX along side the man himself, the Musk. Then out of nowhere, Andrew (one of the brothers) decides to tell us he worked as an aerospace engineer in Seattle (definitely working on shadow projects).
Feeling inadequate and contemplating our own existence as brewers, we brewed this Space XPA to fill the void – a hop driven tropical fruit bowl that satisfies our quest for more.

Available from the BeerHall from the 23rd of October. Only available in keg.

We hope you enjoy!

Southside Soul This Saturday

This Saturday Southside Soul are taking over our Moorabbin BeerHall for a night of fresh craft beer and the finest Vinyl in 60s & 70s Soul & Funk grooves. Get down from 7:30pm!💃🕺💃🕺

Tickets available in advance at https://bit.ly/2YIk9Rw
Or cash sales available on the night at the door. 7:30pm -12:30pm – Pizzas available on the night.

See you at the brewery for a night of boogie & beers! 🍻🍻

A Brief History of Guv…

class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-2073″ />With the upcoming release of our third edition of The Guvnor II series, we thought it was time to
remind and clarify to everyone what this particular beer exploration is all about.

Originally brewed in 2011, we found our first ever batch of Guvnor being appreciated by beer lovers
from all around. Later that year we put the beer to the test at the Australian International Beer Awards
and were fortunate enough to take out the champion beer award in the scotch ale and barley wine

After enjoying the success this beer brought us, we thought it was fitting that for our 10th anniversary
we re-brew The Guv………but this time doing things a little differently.

Brewed in May of 2017, this batch of Guvnor or ‘The Guvnor II’ as it soon became known, was set to
become the horcrux of beers (apologies if you’re not familiar with Harry Potter).
Following fermentation, the beer was split into 4 separate parts with the idea that each part would
endure some form of variable. In other words, we wanted to put each part of Guvnor to the test and
see how it would change and develop relevant to its environment over a period of time.

Another big part of this project was being able to ensure we took care of the ageing process from
start to finish. By doing this we knew we could deliver the beer we wanted you to enjoy with no
further ageing required. This doesn’t mean you can’t store or cellar, you definitely can! All you’ll be
doing is more good drinking in name of some quality experimentation!

Part 1 we left in new French oak for 6 months, Part 2 experienced a year on our mezzanine in
Starward whisky barrels and Part 3, our latest release and arguably the most exciting so far, has
been aging for 2 years on our Beer Hall mezzanine in 1792 bourbon barrels brought over from the
heart of bourbon country, Kentucky.

What makes this particular release so ‘special’ for lack of a better word was the devastation that
occurred to the 1792 barrel house mid-last year. The entire structure collapsed and the company
lost a large portion of its bourbon and consequently its barrels.

Fortunately for us we were lucky to have acquired a couple of these barrels at an earlier date, we
can only hope this beer does justice to all that lost bourbon!

As with all our Guvnor releases, these are very hands on projects requiring countless hours from the
brewers and team here at 2 Brothers. Part 3 is no different and is a particularly limited batch with just
30 cases to service our entire wholesale market and BeerHall customers.

As always, we recommend enjoying these out of a brandy balloon or snifter having been stored at
room temperature.

If you’re lucky enough to have a few on hand, don’t be afraid to store them in a cool dark place
and enjoy them in years to come.
Part 3 available next Thursday from the BeerHall,
Cheers from everyone here at 2 Brothers.

1792 Barrel House Collapse: here

TRIVIA Wednesdays

We’re officially open Wednesdays from 4pm and we’ve brought along Melbourne’s best trivia to go with it!

How does it work? Well for starters it’s $8 Pizzas & $8 Pints 4pm all night!

Otherwise call your mates, get yourself a team & get down to enjoy what’s on offer….

Trivia Prizes:

1st Prize: $100 BeerHall Voucher.

2nd Prize: 2 x 6 Packs.

2nd to last: 1 x 6 Pack.

PLUS spot prizes and games! 🍺🍺

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed genius or the best guesstimator going around, we want you down to take part in one of the best value trivia nights going around!

Doors open every Wednesday at 4pm and trivia starts at 7PM


12 IPAS, Six from Vic and Six from the rest of Aus…. Who does it better?

Just like the bygone era of now old blokes who kicked the Sherrin around in the name of the dirt from which thy came. We look to emulate something not to dissimilar, nonetheless with beer and a lot less running and sweat, but surprisingly of similar fitness.

We’ve gone and located six of Victorias best IPAs and put them against six of Australia’s finest IPAs. With live music and footy on the big screen to light the flame under that emotional fighting spirit, we want you to tell us who does it better.

Without giving too much away, you can expect to see some of the freshest kegs of IPA coming from the likes of Fixation Brewing, Hop Nation, Modus Operandi, Bent Spoke & Old Wives Ales. All fighting it out for their representing states amongst a host of other quality opponents.

When is it all taking place?

At our Moorabbin Beerhall on Thursday & Friday the 16th & 17th of May – Starting at 12pm both days.

FREE ENTRY – Find out all the details at our Good Beer Week event page here

Northern Haze – Cashmere IPA

One would think when travelling to the west coast of America that you would no doubt be greeted by the current storm of New England IPA’s that are being brewed all over the craft beer world. Although they were invented on the other side of the country, you would still assume it might get a look in on the west coast right? No, just no. “Catch them later” they yell from windows and roof tops all the way down from Seattle to San Diego….the home of IPA doesn’t want a bar of them.
So what do they brew? They came up with their very own haze style, not a milkshake, no New England, put simply it’s a – West Coast Hazy IPA or just ‘Hazy IPA’

Rather than bow down to their eastern neighbours and feature this ‘foreign’ style in their brewpubs & breweries, they decided to take what they’ve already mastered and just add a few glorious tweaks to the New England Style. While still smelling like someone poured a fruit bowl on your nose while lying down, these beers have the added addition of all the typical resinous and pine notes found in west coast IPA’s followed up by that big bitterness not commonly associated with NEIPA’s. For lack of more poetic descriptors, it’s like a really good American IPA ‘on the juice’ so to speak.

So with the influx of NEIPA’s on the market, we felt what better time to pay homage to the style and create our very own interpretation with the crew down at The Great Northern.

So what’s Northern Haze & why a cashmere IPA? As one of our brewers toured the west coast, he noticed this Cashmere hop pop up time and time again and found it strange we hadn’t seen it much at home, especially considering how tasty all the beers were that used it. Well that was enough for us here at 2 Brothers to say why not give it a go! As for Northern Haze, well it speaks for itself. This beer was brewed with the great team from The Great Northern and it retains a nice misty haze largely due to dry-hopping during fermentation.

As for the beer, at 85 IBU’s it’s definitely not a NEIPA! It’s a double-dry-hopped resin, pine, fruit delight with a light haze to match. With a monstrous amount of hops used during the boil, whirpool and dry-hop (Including a bunch of fresh hops straight out of The Great Northern Hop plantation), this is definitely one of the hoppiest beers we’ve ever produced, and we’re stoked with the result.

Like any hazy they’re best enjoyed fresh, & the only two places you can currently try it are at our Moorabbin BeerHall & The Great Northern Hotel (Carlton). It will be available around town in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

We hope you enjoy.

STYLE: West Coast IPA

ABV: 6.8% ABV

MALT: Ale, Wheat, Crystal, Oats

HOPS: Cashmere, Columbus, Simcoe, Centennial, Citra, Mandarina Bavaria

Goes to Eleven – GABS

Since the dawn of the rocknroll era, beer has been by its side. It’s stood by through the highs of highs, through those face-melting, whaling guitar solos, and it’s been there for lows of lows, with that bloke who thought he was onto something 6 days into a festival hauled up in his tent with a one string guitar.

Either way you look at it, it’s been there, and we wanted to keep that tradition alive with our latest creation “Goes to ELEVEN”.

Named after the saying coined by a member of the greatest band to ever grace the stage. Goes to Eleven pays tribute to Nigel Tufnel and the band Spinal Tap, and their deep level of respect for taking rocknroll to not just 10, but 11.

In honor of the great Tufnel and the band who took music to places many questioned could ever be reached, we knew we had to go big, and we feel like we’ve done just that. An 11% ABV imperial stout made with 11 different malts, 11 kilograms of Galaxy hops and aged in Starward barrels for 11 months. Goes to ELEVEN is big, bold and complex, and with a little back blending from our Guvnor Starward edition for some added complexity, this beer has become dangerously drinkable for its size.

The beer will be released for GABS and will be available on tap from our BeerHall following the event….. and if you’re lucky you might even see this released in a very limited takeaway format 😉

Just like a Tufnel guitar solo at a live show, you’ll quickly realise an experience like this only comes around once in a lifetime.
So get your hands on a glass or a bottle and enjoy the ride all the way up to 11.